The Monthly Souz will return once we finish making a bunch of improvements. In the meantime, enjoy previous editions below.


May Edition of The Monthly Souz

I want to open by saying thank you to everyone I know! I really mean it. I don’t know if you know how much I appreciate you and “what you do” and “how we do”. Collaboration is KING, and by definition, it can’t be done alone. So let’s jump into summer by connecting more, spending...

April Edition of The Monthly Souz

Over a decade ago, my best friend today Leon Katselnik asked me very casually “do you have a hobby?” I had honestly never been asked this question before but had an immediate answer, “People”. My favorite thing to do is be around people 24/7. Enjoying life in the company of...

March Edition of The Monthly Souz

Just 5 years ago I was naïve to the power and capabilities of the internet. Thank God, through some good old serendipity, I met Gary Vaynerchuk, spent two years working in his digital agency and now I find myself engrossed in technology, innovation, and am playing in the digital...

February Edition of The Monthly Souz

Welcome to the February Edition of the Monthly SOUZ! Relationship Marketing is the new business public relations for some but deal development for others. We are constantly investing towards building our network of influencers, talent, decision makers, and C-Suites. This month, I...

Welcome to The Inaugural Edition of The Monthly Souz

  After a year of assembling the greatest entrepreneurs “hidden gems” as our clients, we are super excited to launch our monthly newsletter THE MONTHLY SOUZ. Our network has been our greatest asset and now we can market to these relationships digitally as well as...