The Monthly Souz will return once we finish making a bunch of improvements. In the meantime, enjoy previous editions below.


The Monthly Souza September Edition

There is not a day that goes by that one of my clients, friends, VIP’s or celebrities don’t need help with a dinner or hotel reservation, tickets to a show, a venue for a party or an off site space to hold a team meeting or a confidential interview. I guess my part time gig...

The Souz Special Edition

SOUZA Nation, THIS JUST IN : I have a great opportunity I am dying to share with all of you. Maybe you and I spoke about this recently over drinks, a call or email but there are only so many people I can connect with a day..duh? For that very reason I am sending out...

The Monthly Souz August Edition

I feel like I have known Samantha since she was a baby but it’s not true. Her father and I have been friends for over two decades and it was through our relationship that I met Sam. She was actually my neighbor in NY for a short while. It’s been amazing to see her mature into a...

The Monthly Souz July Edition

I am very proud and excited to have the opportunity to work with possibly one of the most talented design duos in fashion. I am producing a trunk show in Toronto this Wednesday, July 24th and Thursday, July 25th where we will be showing the new Fall/Winter 2019 collection for...

The Monthly Souz June Edition

The UBER of office desks? Love this ❤️, wait it’s more. The future of work is a very popular conversation that I collide with weekly. Company culture, Human Resources leadership, corporate amenities and of course flexible work models are just some of the game changers companies...

Summer Kick Off Edition

You know this is the year of the Raptor? OK maybe not…But it is the year for the Toronto Raptors and I am super pumped to be heading north to catch the finals with my client rOcean. Winning the NBA finals couldn’t taste better then with the taste of saving the earth. READ MORE

Monthly Souza Birthday/April Edition

Leah Blackman, a super talented exec in the interior design / experience space, and I collaborated years ago when we produced Food Loves Tech in NYC. Years later the owner of the agency ICRAVE, which she worked with, invited us both to his 50th birthday party . That’s where...

The Monthly Souz Late March Edition

I was recently introduced to my newest client Christian Tötzke through a dear friend of many years, Arne Zimmerman. Arne has asked me to introduce Christian and his team from Hyrox to my client Bentley Meeker for the purpose of the upcoming series of events in America in...

The Monthly Souza Winter Break Edition

I first met Ben Bonart in his studio in Nyack, NY. My wife and I went together as its literally across the Hudson River from our home in Irvington. What I discovered was a very nice man, and very nice dog and some very nice paintings that made us both smile and relax. It was...