What makes your work unique and different from other vintage motorbike sellers?
Firstly, there aren’t many, if any, sellers that are doing exactly what we do. This is because our brand is birthed out of my background, which comes from a completely different industry. Our attention to detail, fit, finish, proportion, texture, and color comes from over three decades in the interior and architectural design space. We apply a different and unique approach that people are able to identify with right away. Whether that would be a color combination, a patina finish on a metal fastener, or the complete curation of all the small details that make up the whole, our approach and style is what separates us from the rest of the vintage motorbike sellers in the world.

What is your vision for Le Mani Moto for the present and the next five years?
My vision is to establish our company as a desirable, fine quality, artisanal, limited production brand of motorcycles that draws inspiration from marques during the early 1900’s. I’m looking forward to collaborating with other premium brand manufacturers with kindred philosophies to develop a line of quality wares, including apparel, moto parts, and lifestyle products, with the same vintage aesthetic.

Who are some people that have influenced your work?
I would say that George Brough {Brough Superior Motorcycles} had and still has a great influence on our brand and philosophy. A British motorcycle racer, manufacturer, and showman with a talent for creative marketing in the twenties through the forties, he broke away from his father’s motorcycle company and set out to create his own brand of “Superior” motorbikes. Brough Superior Motorcycles have created a finely crafted, high-performance brand of motorbikes that were touted the “Rolls Royce of Motorcycles” and have forever been my favorite brand of motorcycles.

What about your company makes you most proud?
I love that we’ve established relationships with some of the most talented artisans, craftsmen, and designers who come together and contribute all of their passion and skills to our vision and brand. Allowing amazing people to do that particular thing that they love to do is a recipe for success on many levels.

What is your working background and what made you want to pursue motorbikes?
While attending school for Fine and Industrial Arts in Northern New Jersey, I interned for an Interior Design Firm and was later offered a full-time position. I continued to work there for sixteen years, before opening my own firm over twenty years ago. As a firm, we specialize in high-end residential design in the greater New York area as well as projects in Florida. While doing this, my love for motorcycles never stopped. I have been riding, designing, customizing, and tinkering with motorcycles for over thirty years. When going to local motorcycle gatherings and shows, I noticed that people would always approach me and ask about some of the unique things that were done to my bikes. This inspired me to design and develop a small line of parts, radford doors & gates and accessories, which I began to market and offer on our website and social media. This continued to grow into an entire vision for a motorcycle brand that is influenced by early pre-war 1900’s Racing Marques. Other than some obvious new tech components cbd farms, my vision would be that you (our customers) can drop our bikes back into 1930 and they can live there and be somewhat period correct for that era .

Where can one purchase your motorbikes?
Currently, we are establishing partnerships with unique boutique showrooms that already interact with who we see as our ideal customer in the US. Interested parties can also contact us directly and we can guide them through the process.

If you could pick one celebrity to go on a motorbike joy ride with who would it be?
I thought about this for a while, and although there would be more than a few, I would choose Billy Joel. I chose Billy partly because he is from my backyard of New York, but he also has a vast collection of bikes of many marques as well. I am a singer and play drums, so perhaps when we take a break from riding, we can discuss music and the possibility of singing a duet while I lay it down on the drums.

Where are your art/bikes displayed?
We love to do private viewings and presentations of our bikes when geographically possible. We also attend notable motorcycle shows and events such as: the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, CA, the International Motorcycle Show at the Javits Center in NYC, and other stops on the IMS Tour. We also show our bikes through our partner showrooms.

Describe your dream/or ideal client (or buyer)?
A distinctive band of peculiar and unique enthusiasts, collectors and aficionados that appreciate the value, quality and desirability of what we create and offer.

How much is it?

How do you Market your bikes?
Through our partner showrooms, Social Media (@lemanimoto) and Event Appearances

Where is it made?
Our bikes are fabricated and assembled in Northern New Jersey, with proprietarily designed components from Germany, Italy, and Canada. We also deal with local artisans and craftsman in the U.S.

How long would it take to get one?
Bikes are made to order, limited production, numbered series pieces that can take up to 9 months to complete. We will never duplicate a color combination with each one having a distinctive name and theme.

How many will you make a year?
As Many As You Want!!