CORE: puts its members at the center of the curated life. Modern, playful, inventive, and above all, welcoming, CORE: is a real-time snapshot of the zeitgeist, brought to life in an intimate and provocative setting in the center of New York City. Enter CORE: and take your pick—stimulate or soothe your intellect and your senses.

To experience CORE: is to embrace transformation through discovery. CORE: provides its members the tools to design their own exquisite experience and to figure what does outpatient therapy mean, structured or serendipitous, intimate or sociable. The experts at CORE: curate a unique series of experiences that celebrate the art of ideas, delve into the essence of pressing current topics, unleash creativity, and spark innovation through inspiring combinations of people and events. Members also enjoy world-class dining, state-of-the-art fitness and luxurious personal care services, and opportunities to socialize with like-minded colleagues, friends, or potential new partners.

CORE: becomes the center of everything exceptional. It’s the perfect place to have lunch with your broker, throw a birthday party for your loved one, have coffee with your architect, or Sunday brunch with the kids, host your next Board meeting or enjoy dinner before a show. It is a place to relax, recharge or refuel…perfectly and comfortably.

In an environment where CEOs and cultural icons comfortably collide, the vibrant community is a diverse, self-selecting group that shares a common sensibility and a passion to change the world around us. CORE: members are people who have significantly altered business, culture, and society. They have all been brought together by their desire to be inspired, to explore new possibilities, and to constantly expand their world.