Is your name really Bonart?
Yes. I suppose it’s a coincidence (or destiny) that I ultimately became an artist.

What kind of artist?
I’m a painter. My art is graphic and bursting with color. It projects an upbeat and positive vibe that makes you “feel good”.

How did you become a painter?
I worked for years in design and advertising agencies with some of the world’s most talented creatives. In the process, I discovered my passion for painting and haven’t looked back. When I paint hours seem like seconds. It’s like escaping into my own world where anything is possible. I never imagined others would appreciate my art, not to mention purchase it.

Where do you see your art in the next year to five years?
I exhibit my original art at selected galleries, shows, and specialty retailers as well as continue work with interior designers complimenting clients’ corporate and living spaces. I’m also very excited about upcoming International and domestic licensing opportunities in an array of categories.

 Why do you love painting?
For me, painting is challenging and scary at the same time. Just me and the canvas and paint. My painting is all about taking chances and going outside the lines to create imagery that delights the eye and mind. Touching people’s lives and knowing my art and putting smiles on faces is a reward that cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

If you could pick one celebrity to own your art who would it be?
Paul McCartney – he changed all of our lives.

Describe your dream/or ideal client?
I’ve always imagined my art and designs being the creative inspiration behind a global luxury hospitality brand – from Wall Art to Bed & Bath, pool towels to cocktail napkins, staff uniforms to restaurant menus. Visit Throw in e-commerce and lobby retail stores to make dreams come true.

So, you’re a full-time painter?
I’m still providing creative services from brand design and packaging to website design, marketing support and analysis of major details, while simultaneously exploring and experimenting with my art. I find the creative process is remarkably similar in the quest to achieve excellence.

What about your art makes you most proud?
Anyone who purchases my art does so because they love it. They’re investing in an emotional connection with my art. It’s hard to describe how fulfilling that is for me.

Final thoughts?
Special thanks and appreciation to Robert Souza for sharing my story and to James Orsini for his friendship.