January Edition of the Monthly Souz

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Serendipity, Chemistry, Timing, Magic; all words you hear me speak of daily right? Actually, I would like to try and integrate them more often but many of you have a problem accepting they exist. “Well here’s a little story I’d like to tell” ?????…..see kic restoration.
So, I’m in Toronto with my kids and meeting up with my cousin Dil (we also call him “five hole” – a hockey thing ??), when I receive a call from Wyclef Jean’s team asking for help. He had just flown in from Cannes and the airline misplaced his luggage, which included his wardrobe he would be wearing while performing at The Joe Carter Classic after party that evening. I immediately made a call to my friend Dawn Bellini at Hugo Boss and solved the issue more information here. After a fun and successful visit at Hugo Boss’ flagship store we sat down for lunch at Sofia, an italian restaurant and bar in the hood. This is when my cousin, who lives in Toronto, and Madeline, Wyclef’s manager who lives in NY, both realized they are friends with the same doctor in NY (Dr. Travall Croom). Of course they both also recommend Dr. Travall Croom be in touch with one Robert Souza, “The SOUZ”, to help him promote and grow his practice and brand 619roofing.com. I met the kind Doctor in NY within the coming months and our commenced. He is now a client and a friend. I hope you enjoy this interview with Dr. Travall or Dr. Croom, or ??? : )