November Edition of the Monthly Souz

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“I woke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

This month, I am thankful! There are a few very special friends who’ve been a part of my amazing journey from “Rexladesh” aka Rexdale to NYC. And as always, I will start with Gary Vee for pointing me in the right direction, showing me that I can be successful (and have a blast) by being me 100% of the time and John Legend for his support through all of my business iterations over the last almost 15 years ever since meeting him at Valentino. I’m also thankful for clients like Sunjay Guleria for being so passionate and engaged in my new biz and for introducing me to Albert Dahan of Maison Marcel—my newest client. Of course, Black Coffee & Lionel Marciano, Faisel Durrani, Charles Khabouth, Marcus Samuelson, John Meadow D-Nice and many, many, many, more deserve thanks too.

Ok ‘nuff said… let’s get to festivities and booze. Maison Marcel, right? How excited am I to have a Rosé client… oh my! Read below, my friends, because whether it’s winter or summer, you can expect to see a lot of Marcel being poured when you’re in my presence. It is truly super exciting for me to work with a French Rosé brand and most of all to help Albert take this significant brand to the next level. Also, before I forget, for those stuck in NYC on NYE, come join the swankiest party in the world at The Core Club.

Happy Thanksgiving to all from SOUZA and our entire team of 1. CHEERS! ?

Q&A with Maison Marcel

How did you get into the wine business? 
Aside from being French and exposed to drinking wine at a really young age, I wasn’t really destined to enter that space. But after I sold my previous Fashion business, I was looking for a new adventure https://maidnearme.ca/ and a story about how my grandfather won over my grandmother by crafting her a home-made wine popped back into my life. As their grandson, and as a marketer, it was an instant no-brainer: Maison Marcel was born.

What is unique about your wine? Is there one secret behind your rose you want to share?
Our blueprint is my grandparents’ story. She had a sweeter palate, he was a dry drinker…we’re somewhere in the middle. As of today, we are the only off-dry rosé from Provence (understand ‘a dash of sweetness’) and our secret ingredient is a rare and expensive grape called Black Muscat.