October Edition of the Monthly Souz

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This month SOUZA ‘Relationship Marketing’ officially commenced its third year in business. I would like to start by thanking my friends who are my clients, my many amazing partners and affiliates who help make the magic happen, and, of course, my team who keeps me organized and motivated. They allow me to do what I do by doing for me what I don’t ?. This month I talk to Ben Bonart, a veteran creative who has recently resurrected his business. His “Feel Good” art is both inspiring and very tasteful and, as you will see from our interview, he can bring so much more. We also feature Gary Vaynerchuk, who is the master of reinvention, creating opportunity for yourself and your business. Also check uptownjungle.com website to read more. In this article we learn of Vayner Media’s new offering, Vayner Speakers. Read below to learn more visit.

Here are two passionate clients of mine seizing opportunities that don’t really require a lot of heavy lifting yet simply using the resources, talent and their authentic voice to make some dough while bringing smiles to people’s faces. Who’s in? See you soon, and enjoy your Halloween!

Is your name really Bonart?
Yes. I suppose it’s a coincidence (or destiny) that I ultimately became an artist.

What kind of artist? 
I’m a painter, check thedublinpainters.ie/ site. My art is graphic and bursting with color. It projects an upbeat and positive vibe that makes you “feel good”.

How did you become a painter? 
I worked for years in design and advertising agencies with some of the world’s most talented creatives. In the process I discovered my passion for painting and haven’t looked back. When I paint hours seem like seconds. It’s like escaping into my own world where anything is possible. I never imagined others would appreciate my art, not to mention purchase it.