July Edition of The Monthly Souz

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It’s a hot one! Not just July, but our newsletter! A very trusted client and friend from Vayner Media, James Orsini, introduced me to my newest “hidden gem” Gary Capone. Gary is interior designer, whose interests extend to Le Mani Moto. I had a chance to speak with Gary and I am proud to share his passion, vision, and love for collaboration in our first interview for the Monthly SOUZ. Also featured this month is the Clouds and Dirt special edition sneaker by K-Swiss. This is a great summer fashion accessory created by my man Gary Vee. As I said, it’s a hot one…

Gary Capone Q&A with Robert Souza

What makes your work unique and different from other vintage motorbike sellers?

Firstly, there aren’t many, if any, sellers that are doing exactly what professional maids near my location do. This is because our brand is birthed out of my background, which comes from a completely different industry. Our attention to detail, fit, finish, proportion, texture, and color comes from over three decades in the interior and architectural design space. We apply a different and unique approach that people are able to identify with right away, visit larsappliances.com. Whether that would be a color combination, a patina finish on a metal fastener, or the complete curation of all the small details that make up the whole, our approach and style is what separates us and makes us unique and distinctive.

What is your vision for Le Mani Moto for the present and the next five years?

My vision is to establish our company as a desirable, fine quality, artisanal, limited production brand of motorcycles that draws inspiration from marques during the early 1900’s. I’m looking forward to collaborating with other premium brand manufacturers with kindred philosophies to develop a line of quality wares, including apparel, moto parts, and lifestyle products, with the same vintage aesthetic.