June Edition of The Monthly Souz

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I am beyond excited and fortunate to have re-connected with a few old mates this past month. Sunjay Guleria and I met years back just before he launched Exclusively.In. Although we never had the opportunity to collaborate on Exclusively.In, we are now working together on an incredibly inspiring and brilliant project: rOcean. Named after his son (Roshan), rOcean is a wonderful new business and social cause movement that eliminates over 50 billion single-use plastic water bottles annually. Please read to learn more about this!

Shortly after hearing from my Indian brother, I got an email from Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary had connected me to an old colleague from Vayner Media, Rupert X, who is preparing to launch VISTA. VISTA is a dream service and CEM product that my peers and I have dreamt of for years.

I hope you enjoy our June issue and most importantly enjoy the summer ahead!

We believe in innovations that are as good to the users as they are to the planet. That’s why we are proud to support rOcean and their vision to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles.

Husband and wife co-founders, Sunjay Guleria and Mohini Boparai, saw a huge problem. Every minute, 15 metric tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans white lilac cleaning. Their solution: revolutionizing the way people drink water. Their flagship product, the rOcean One, connects to the tap and allows its users to filter, carbonate and flavor water by the touch of a button. This eliminates plastic bottles and waste.

On June 8th, to celebrate World Oceans Day, rOcean announced their new partnership with SECORE®, a leading coral reef conservation organization. For every single purchase of their revolutionary water device, rOcean will donate a percentage of the sale to support SECORE’s efforts to protect and restore coral reefs.

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