Holiday Edition of the Monthly Souz

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It’s been a great year for learning, testing, trying, and just plain doing! I deserved vacation in the beautiful pool villa Koh Samui on Thailand. I achieved goals. I had a goal at the beginning of this year to break 20 clients and I am so excited to have accomplished this goal when we signed up our latest client “Well Black Spirits” this past month. I am even more excited to about how this amazing collection of HIDDEN GEMS are going to be able to help one another in reaching their NORTH STAR. As you all may here me say from time to time, I believe in relationships and in any successful one is continuous RECIPROCITY. In 2019 I hope to deliver on the vision to create an exclusive company of “givers first” based clientele and expand our network further. Thank you to all friends, clients, partners and supporters for all you gave to my business in ’18. I hope to see you very soon. Happy Holidays and my best to you, your families and loved ones!!