April Edition of The Monthly Souz

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Over a decade ago, my best friend today Leon Katselnik asked me very casually “do you have a hobby?” I had honestly never been asked this question before but had an immediate answer, “People”. My favorite thing to do is be around people 24/7. Enjoying life in the company of others, bringing people together and building earnest relationships brings me great joy.

Through a soft nudge from my friend and current mentor, Gary Vaynerchuk, I am blessed to have launched a business which allows me to monetize my hobby. The opportunity I am investing in is people. In my day to day the roller coaster ride is real, the chemistry is magical and the results are highly satisfying for my soul.

The three clients we are proud to share with you this month connect with people every day- whether it’s Bentley Meeker’s ability to set the perfect mood at your wedding, Inkwell’s capacity to curate hidden talent, or M-IND helping consumers capture and experience those special moments with friends. Hope you enjoy meeting and connecting them as much as I do!

I have known Bentley for over a decade and am very honored to say he was my second client at SOUZA Relationship Marketing. His 360 is what I have the pleasure of amplifying. Whether it is his “Hermes level” Lighting & Production business, event spaces, lighting as art, or his love for wine, we strive to make more of our network become aware of Mr. Meeker’s passions and skills.

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