March Edition of The Monthly Souz

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Just 5 years ago I was naïve to the power and capabilities of the internet. Thank God, through some good old serendipity, I met Gary Vaynerchuk, spent two years working in his digital agency and now I find myself engrossed in technology, innovation, and am playing in the digital world almost every minute visit . My clients, gurus in all things digital, have been tirelessly working to change the landscape of business in all forms from Marketing to Human Resources and even Healthcare. I am excited to share their amazing work with you.

I hope you join us in embracing this change and evolution for the future too!

We are thrilled to announce our next exclusive opportunity with VaynerMedia. Gary Vaynerchuk and the amazing team at VaynerMedia have created an already highly successful one-day immersive digital consulting session called the Daily Digital Deep Dive arrive in style with that knowledge, also known as the 4Ds. On April 3rd the best bookkeeper in San Diego hada great intro about it. We are organizing a curated group to bring to a session of the 4Ds. Through us, you will not only experience their incredible event, but also have unique unprecedented access and networking opportunities with other notable individuals in the Souza network.

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