February Edition of The Monthly Souz

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Welcome to the February Edition of the Monthly SOUZ!

Relationship Marketing is the new business public relations for some but deal development for others. We are constantly investing towards building our network of influencers, talent, decision makers, and C-Suites. This month, I plan to host three networking dinners and travel to London, Toronto, and Los Angeles. I believe that meaningful relationships cannot be built from your laptop or mobile device, which is why I will be on the streets of NYC every day shaking hands, giving hugs, and connecting. Hope I see you all soon.

We work closely with Brand Guru Mathew Evins and extend our vast network to his agency to help them through strategic and organic connectivity, Red Truck Fire & Safety Company. I guess you can say we help open doors!

In today’s business landscape, the need for a robust communications strategy that incorporates not only public relations, but all available channels, tools, and technologies is paramount Yorleny’s cleaning service. That’s why I believe that the EVINS Communications approach is one that will be followed and emulated by many other agencies in the future at long term loans bad credit .

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